Learning and Development

Effective professional development and training is integral to productivity growth and the enhancement of an organisation’s effectiveness through the improvement of employee’s skillset. It is also a critical part of a health business culture that places a value on continuous improvement.

Over the past 2 decades, Lixivium has designed and delivered many programs to enhance capability, build confidence and improve the functioning of teams. This has resulted in significant improvement to staff engagement, productivity and, in many cases, profitability. We employ a variety of teaching methods to assist our clients to better develop and manage their staff. These range from tailored individual interventions to broad team based training programs which can be delivered either face to face or virtually.

Executive Coaching 


At Lixivium, we see coaching as an integral investment by any business in accelerating performance and supporting and guiding your current and future leaders. Coaching brings out the best in individuals and teams, resulting in improved performance, increased productivity and stronger leadership.

We pride ourselves on having a highly regarded and proven team of executive coaches. Our team of coaches are highly experienced and qualified with a strong background in Professional Services, Health and Government. All the coaches on our team have:

  • Recognised qualifications
  • A strong commercial background at senior and executive level positions
  • The ability to form trusted, productive and challenging coaching relationships
  • The ability to plan and measure the progress of the coachee, so that quantifiable outcomes can be reported back to the business if required

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Leadership Workshops


An organisation’s leaders are at the forefront of not only whether the company is profitable, but also whether its people are satisfied and committed, and therefore productive in their jobs. ‘Good leaders know how to build a good culture’!

Our Leadership programs are tailored to suit all levels of your organisation. These range from Executive visioning and strategic workshops through to sessions that have an operations or a management focus as a central theme. We also provide bespoke training on particular skills such as time or project management, conflict resolution, effective communication and giving and receiving feedback.

Workshops range in scope, length and complexity according to our client’s needs, and can be tailored to suit the requirements of any organisation.

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360 Degree Feedback 


Research has clearly shown that feedback can be beneficial to individual performance, both by increasing the motivation of the recipient, and by providing information on how to perform tasks more effectively. Feedback is also capable of improving group performance.

One of the most effective ways of obtaining feedback is through the use of a 360 degree feedback process. With this approach, participants are rated on key behaviours by groups of relevant people around them, such as managers, peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders. In combination with a feedback session run by an experienced consultant, this process allows for individuals to identify key strength areas and also ways in which they can develop further.

The 360 degree feedback approach is one that Lixivium specialises in. We have managed a wide range of 360 projects, ranging from individual participants to large groups, across a diverse selection of industries.

Although we do have a standard 360 degree feedback tool, for many clients we customise this tool to suit their particular needs, or create entirely new item sets based on their own specific competencies and desired behaviours.

The 360 degree feedback process is frequently used as part of a broader leadership development process, and Lixivium is able to undertake group analyses of 360 data in order to provide additional support for such a process.

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Career Transition 


Lixivium’s career transition services encompass the provision of advice and support for managers and individuals engaged in the employment transition process, as well as individual counselling and support for those who are needing to seek a new career path. Lixivium has a range of tailored career transition packages to suit individual client needs. These include:

  • Exit interviews
  • Career Transition and Career Management Programs
  • Individual counselling/profiling to identify competency strengths

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