Consulting Solutions

Lixivium provides a wide range of tailored solutions to our ever expanding client base. As a small consultancy, we are able to customise our approach to suit the needs of our clients in a swift and cost-effective manner.

Below is a small sample of the range of consulting solutions that we frequently deliver for our clients. However, at Lixivium Consulting we take pride in the fact that we do not just provide 'off the shelf' solutions, but are glad to offer advice and suggestions relating to the specific issues your organisation may be facing. In this early consultation phase we try to identify all of the factors that may be impacting on an issue and then ensure that all of these factors are addressed in the solution we provide. It is our willingness to provide customised and personal service to our clients that ultimately leads to a more effective solution.

Climate & Culture Surveys 


The culture of an organisation is the key foundation from which all successful ventures flow. Culture contributes to, or detracts from, the success of an organisation in the most tangible way. Where cultural settings are sub-optimal, both productivity and staff engagement and motivation suffer. Whilst Senior Leaders may have a vision of the type of culture needed to compete successfully in the marketplace, this may not align with the rest of the organisation.

Conducting an organisational survey is an efficient and effective way of identifying staff perceptions about the current culture they work in. This allows for a comparison between perceptions, desires, and the organisational reality, as well as highlighting critical areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction for employees and management alike.

Lixivium’s Climate & Culture Survey acquires staff input into a range of important issues and factors within the organisation. While we do have standard surveys available, we are also able to customise a survey to exclude or include factors based on organisational relevance, as well as work with our clients to develop items specific to their needs.

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Productivity & Engagement


Employee engagement and productivity are fundamental to the success of any organisation.

Lixivium’s Productivity & Engagement Survey is designed to assess the current state of a team/division by measuring the perceptions of team members and their manager(s). This allows for key strength and areas of concern to be identified, in addition to highlighting any discrepancies between the views of team members and their manager(s).

This survey measures a number of research-based factors relating to both productivity and engagement. The results of this survey can be used to formulate sessions such as team building, workshops, and coaching.

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Mediation & Conflict Resolution 


Conflict between people can occur in any workplace. Sometimes it is not possible or not desirable to manage or resolve these situations internally.

Lixivium can assist in resolving disputes in the workplace by providing an objective and confidential perspective from outside your organisation. This approach has led to Lixivium resolving many disputes to the satisfaction of all parties involved, particularly in situations where some or all parties may feel as though internal resolution would not be effective.

We are able to tailor our approach to suit the needs of the situation, using methods ranging from formal mediation to less formal one-on-one discussions and negotiations with relevant parties. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in relation to this service.

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Board Evaluations & Surveys 


Lixivium’s approach to evaluating a Board is based on an effectiveness model that incorporates research into the key elements associated with effective Board Governance, including the best practice guidelines of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Department of Health’s Board Director Skills Capability Framework. These frameworks clearly delineates between the core elements of an effectively functioning Board, enabling the generation of clear, thematic insights into areas of strength and improvement.

Lixivium's Board Effectiveness Model
Figure 1: Lixivium's Board Effectiveness Model

A description of the four broad assessment areas is outlined below:

Focus Area Description Example Question
Board structure and role Assesses the extent to which the Board is clear on its role and responsibilities, its interface with management, the role of sub-committees as well as individual Director duties and responsibilities. Also reviews Board composition and skills mix. The Board has sufficient knowledge, expertise and skills to support effective governance.
Board process Assesses the processes and policies that underpin Board activities, including meeting structure and documentation, work plans and governance frameworks. The Board receives information in time to allow for appropriate review and consideration.
Board functions Measures the extent to which the Board is meeting its key obligations across the areas of strategy, oversight of the CEO, oversight of financial resources, organisational performance, risk, and stakeholder engagement. The Board appropriately monitors expenditure and the financial resources of the organisation.
Board culture and effectiveness Measures overall Board culture and dynamics, including interpersonal behaviours, team effectiveness, quality of decision making and debate, and Chair effectiveness. The Board acts ethically and in line with agreed values and behaviours.

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HR Advisory Services 


Many small organisations do not have a dedicated People and Culture function. In many larger organisations, the P & C function is completely snowed under with work!

In both these scenarios, Lixivium consultants are able to use their extensive knowledge of human resources to provide advice and support to those that need it. Clients making use of these services maybe under-resourced, pressed for time, or simply looking for an objective perspective.

The typical advisory services we would provide include: interview panels, position description review, competency framework design, and other relevant advice. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs in this area.

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