Testing Resources

Please see below some additional information for candidates and clients who have been asked to complete an assessment.

If you are a candidate who has been asked to complete a psychometric assessment or test, have a look at the ‘For Test Takers’ section below for some hints and tips about how to best prepare for the assessment experience.

For Test Takers 


Completing psychometric assessments can be a daunting experience, especially if you have not completed them before. However, they do not have to be!

The following hints and tips are designed to help you perform at your best when completing an assessment:

  • Make sure to read your instruction e-mail fully. Often there will be multiple assessments for you to complete, and they may not all be in the first link.
  • Set aside enough time to complete the assessments. Usually you don’t have to do them all in one sitting, but you will have to finish any individual assessment once you begin it.
  • Note that the suggested assessment times often include a portion for instructions and practice – any timed components are less than this (e.g., of a 45 minute assessment, the timed component may be 25 minutes).
  • When completing assessments, ensure that you are in a quiet area without distractions or interruptions. In most cases, you won’t be able to re-sit an assessment even if you are interrupted while completing it.
  • If you are unfamiliar with psychometric assessments or have not completed any in a long time, it can be worthwhile to do some practice assessments before you begin. These will help to refresh your understanding about the types of questions you may be asked. You can find some practice assessments here: http://www.shldirect.com/en/practice-tests/
  • Finally, make sure to call us if you are unsure of the process or require any clarification – we are happy to help!

After the selection process is complete (i.e., you have been told whether or not you were successful for the role you applied for), we are able to provide you with verbal feedback on your results. Please call our office to organise a time for this feedback.