About Us

lixivium (lɪkˈsɪvɪəm)
n, pl -iums or -ia (-ɪə)

1. (Chemistry) the process by which the core elements are extracted from a chemical solution

2. (Consulting) a solution derived from key issues faced by an organisation

Lixivium is an Australian owned and operated psychological services consultancy. Having grown rapidly over the past 15 years, Lixivium has established itself as the preferred supplier to many of the largest organisations in the national market.

With a head office in Melbourne as well as affiliates in all other states, Lixivium can deliver its services to various locations for organisations Australia-wide.

Lixivium’s dedication and commitment to providing the highest quality organisational psychology services has earned us an esteemed reputation in the marketplace.

Our Mission 

Lixivium's mission is:

"To apply comprehensive best practice analysis, in order to enhance performance and facilitate the growth of our clients’ businesses"

We continue to achieve our mission through assisting organisations to:
  • Hire the people best suited to positions and companies through the application of psychological tests and assessment centres
  • Train employees and develop their skills in a range of areas including sales and marketing, customer service, leadership, negotiation or stress management. Increase the quality of performance management by devising positions descriptions and performance appraisal systems, and employing motivational techniques
  • Minimise disruption during organisational change
  • Successfully manage the career transition of employees

Our Values

  • Communication
    We go out of our way to share information with each other in an open, honest and respectful manner in
    an attempt to help each person’s productivity and
    job satisfaction.
  • Teamwork
    We support each other by being aware of each other’s needs and workloads, and being prepared to go out of our way to help each other. Furthermore, one person's success or achievement is something that we all take pride in.
  • Accountability
    I am responsible for the quality and timeliness of my work, and I hold myself accountable to my colleagues and to the business as a whole.
  • Client Focus
    We strive to exceed the client’s expectations by building strong relationships based on a thorough understanding of their needs, being responsive, and delivering quality work to the best of our ability.
  • Continuous Learning
    It is our pride in our knowledge base that drives us to never be satisfied with what we know and through a desire to continually upgrade our skills, we bring the very best IP to our client’s business.
  • Maximising Potential
    Based on our self knowledge, we try to be the "best"
    we can be, no matter what our role - for the good
    of our clients and for our own personal and
    professional development.

Our Team 


Lixivium Consulting employees consist of registered Psychologists, coaches, consultants and internal support staff.

As Psychologists, we are specifically trained in the design, evaluation and implementation of a wide range of best-practice and evidence-based approaches to organisational issues. We pride ourselves on our valid, innovative and effective approach in designing solutions and programs across a myriad of cultures and industry sectors.

Warren Senn, Director

Warren Senn is the Director of Lixivium Consulting and a registered Psychologist. He designs and facilitates organisational development sessions for teams and work groups, as well as providing psychometric assessment, counselling, individual coaching and training programmes for all managerial levels. He is also heavily involved in the design, development and delivery of 360 degree assessment tools and other assessment products.

In developing all levels of management, Warren’s focus is on enhancing teamwork, bringing strategic plans to life, articulating vision & values frameworks, systems review and the associated human resource implications.

Warren draws on a diverse background in performing a consulting role - 15 years in corporate life as a Consultant, and 20 years in the education sector. In particular, the experience and knowledge gained as a Psychologist allows Warren to engage people and groups in a way that allows them to confront tough issues, acknowledge areas for improvement and develop action plans.

In recent times, Warren has worked almost exclusively with many of Australia’s top 500 companies to deliver both innovative and cutting edge best practice consulting solutions that both increase productivity and cater for the human synergistic elements in any organisation. Warren’s experience cuts across all business types including large Government bodies such as VicRoads and the Department of Sustainability and Environment, through to specialist entities such as the Metropolitan Ambulance Service. His corporate clients range from companies as diverse as BHP through to ANZ Bank.

Margaret Pettitt, Principal

Margaret has over 15 years’ experience in business consulting and executive management across a diverse array of clients within the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. Margaret is passionate about working collaboratively with organisations to solve strategic problems and help them achieve sustainable, transformational change. She sees people as integral to the success of any improvement program and enjoys working with teams and individuals to help them fulfil their potential.

Margaret combines a strong technical grounding in best practice leadership and organisational development frameworks with the practical experience of having overseen the implementation of these frameworks within a challenging, day-to-day operational environment. An exceptional communicator, Margaret’s strength is her ability to align people strategies with organisational strategy, translating conceptual ideas into concrete and practical outcomes. Her key areas of expertise include cultural change, organisational redesign, leadership and capability development and workforce planning.

Most recently, Margaret was an Executive General Manager of the People and Culture function at one of Victoria’s major emergency services organisations, where she oversaw the design and implementation of a major cultural transformation program. Prior to this, Margaret held senior strategy consulting roles within global professional services firms Accenture and Grant Thornton, where she worked on a diverse range of projects, spanning scenario planning, financial analysis, business and IT strategy and operating model design. Margaret holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Melbourne.

Annie Weber, Senior Consultant

Annie develops and delivers organisational development and career management services to meet specific client and company needs encompassing the full life-cycle of organisational restructure from planning, communication, line manager training, through to the ongoing support of exiting employees. She is passionate about reaching the best outcome for both client and the individual.

Annie's expertise includes assisting organisations during periods of significant change, providing change management and strategic advice, delivering one-one career counsel, workshop delivery and group facilitation, psychometric assessments, and executive coaching.

Annie has more than ten years' experience as a career management and outplacement specialist and has worked with candidates from a range of sectors including Education, Transport, Health, Telecommunications, Retail, Government, IT, Finance and Banking. Some specific clients include The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, CoHealth, La Trobe University, Ericsson Australia, Australia Post, Superpartners & Melbourne IT.

Annie holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Honours in Psychology from La Trobe University and a Graduate Diploma, Counselling, ACAP (Aust. College of Applied Psychology).

Joshua Wood, Assessment Manager and Consulting Psychologist

Joshua is a psychologist with extensive experience in the use of assessment for all aspects of talent management, especially selection and development of staff. He has worked in HR roles within large organisations, as well as consulting to many such organisations in the health, retail, financial services and government sectors. Joshua is particularly interested in the use of evidence-based assessment methods, including psychometric testing and rigorous interviewing techniques, to improve selection of staff.

He has used his strong technical understanding of assessment methods to improve the performance and profitability of client organisations, including the Department of Education, NAB, VicRoads, The Royal Women’s Hospital and ANZ.

Joshua holds a Masters in Psychology (Industrial and Organisational), Deakin University; and a Bachelor of Science, with Honours, Monash University.

Luke Houston, Consulting Psychologist

Luke is a psychologist specialising in the assessment of people in the work environment, for the purpose of selection, development or organisational decision making. He makes use of tools ranging from individual psychometric tests to large scale climate/culture/engagement surveys, and has applied these assessments to organisations in a wide range of sectors and industries. As well as having developed such tools from conception to product stage, he is adept at applying his strong technical and data understanding to the analysis and interpretation of results, ensuring that quality reporting and relevant insights are produced.

In recent times, Luke has worked with a diverse range of organisations including Toyota, Department of Health, Powercor and Vicroads. The analysis of data and the creation of reports that are meaningful in the client’s context are just some of the key skills that he brings to his role on a day to day basis.

Luke holds a Masters in Psychology (Industrial/Organisational), Deakin University; a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash University; a Bachelor of Commerce, Monash University and Bachelor of Arts, Monash University

Joanna Harrison, Office Manager / Assessment Administrator

Joanna has many years’ experience in the coordination and administration of a broad range of client projects. This includes correspondence with participants, setting up survey software, the roll out of information and the input and processing of data. During her time conducting assessments at Lixivium Consulting, Joanna has administered surveys to thousands of participants and so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in handling all forms of participant queries.

Kath McCarthy, Associate Senior Consulting Psychologist

Kath is a Senior Consulting Psychologist who provides organisational development, leadership development and executive coaching to senior executives within government, education, corporate and legal sectors. This has included providing 360 degree feedback debriefs, and administering and debriefing personality, mental health screening and leadership assessments using a range of psychometric instruments. She has extensive experience providing executive coaching for leaders within organisations. Kath has also delivered leadership development training and workshops for middle and senior leaders within organisations and has worked with leadership teams on developing strategy and improving their functioning as a team.

Prior working as a consulting psychologist, Kath has held positions within government which included being responsible for overseeing the delivery of substantial legislative and operational reform agendas to the WorkSafe system. Her position as senior legal counsel, involved responsibility for the management of stress claims under the WorkSafe system and overseeing the strategic management of all stress related litigation in Victoria within this scheme. She served 8 years as an equity partner of a mid-tier Melbourne law and held leadership positions within the partnership for most of this time.

Kath holds a Master of Educational Psychology, Melbourne University; Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Monash University; a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Monash University; and a Bachelor of Science, Monash University. Kath is a Registered Psychologist and an Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Australian Legal Practitioner.

Tania Sherwood, Associate Senior Consultant

Tania believes that learning is a lifelong adventure. Her motto is “Be the change you wish to see...” and this guides her approach in work and life. She has spent the past 18 years in the field of organisational development and specialises in organisational strategy, culture and change.

Tania has experience in designing leadership programs, change management, strategic planning, performance management, coaching and debriefing, organisational design and development.

Tania is an experienced facilitator and uses a range of techniques to help clients obtain outstanding strategic planning, innovation and stakeholder and community engagement outcomes. She is a highly conceptual and strategic thinker and is at her best in an environment where she can work closely with clients and stakeholders to design initiatives to create transformation either in people’s thinking or through improving organisational cultures through coaching, leadership programs and facilitating innovative thinking processes.

Tania has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients in Government, Aged Care, Health, Higher Education, Mining and Forture 500 companies. Tania is an adaptable practitioner who is capable of understanding her clients and who can tailor her approach to ensure they gain the best from their learning.

Tania holds a Master of Social Science, Social Anthropology/ Sociology, University of Waikato (NZ); a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration (with Distinction), University of Waikato (NZ); a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons), Sociology and Psychology, University of Waikato (NZ) and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management, Ballarat University.

Tania is also accredited in a number of tools and techniques such as Whole Brain Thinking (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument); Human Instincts (Hardwired Humans) Spiral Dynamics (Practitioner Level 1 & 2) and Cynefin framework.

Carlene Egan, Associate Senior Consultant

Carlene has over 15 years’ experience in project and program management, engaging with corporate stakeholders, government departments, community services sector, local government, and advocacy groups. She has extensive experience managing teams and has also worked closely with all levels of management and Boards to support strategic planning and implementation.

Experienced in the design and facilitation of training for clients, Carlene enjoys engaging with others through creating a dynamic learning environment. She has also been involved in numerous community engagement projects in both the private and public sector. As a lead facilitator she has guided the engagement process from concept through to project finalisation, from short term engagement through to long term projects.

Carlene is an analytical and strategic thinker whose work is underpinned by a strength based solution focused approach. She seeks to understand the needs of the client and works with integrity and purpose. Carlene is skilled at developing strong, authentic professional relationships and facilitating inclusive conversations, supporting respectful stakeholder engagement.

Carlene holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Social Sciences, Political Science/ Sociology, Latrobe University; and is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma Psychology, Monash University.

Phil Waren, Associate Senior Consultant

Phil has demonstrated capacity in providing strategic regulatory, policy and compliance advice to senior management, managing stakeholder consultations and implementing change programs.

Phil has managed multi-disciplinary teams for statutory regulatory agencies in the gambling and energy sectors. This follows a number of years working in the Policy and Research department for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. He has a deep understanding of how regulatory agencies operate, insights into how to resolve the tensions between regulated industries and the regulators and the ability to critically analyse and improve business processes.

An accomplished facilitator, Phil has developed and delivered training materials to cater to a wide range of people in the private, public and not for profit sectors.

Phil holds a bachelor of Social Science, Political Science/ Industrial Relations, University of Waikato (NZ); a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Administration (with Distinction), University of Waikato (NZ) and a Certificate IV IN Compliance Management, Australasian Compliance Institute.

Michelle Tucker, Associate Consulting Psychologist

Michelle is a consulting psychologist (PhD Organisational Psychology) specialising in psychometric assessment, selection and recruitment, coaching, leadership and sales development, facilitation and outplacement. She has worked with clients from a broad range of industries, including automotive, mining, banking, finance, health care, and retail sales.

Having managed projects in both the private and public sector, Michelle has engaged in the assessment and coaching of individuals at all levels. Adopting a solution-focused approach, Michelle works with individuals and teams to develop sales and leadership skills.

Michelle has a depth of experience in psychometric assessment for both selection and development. She has also conducted psychosocial risk assessments, culture and climate surveys and employee opinion surveys. Michelle has developed high potential programs; job analyses and has also developed and refined many HR programs and processes.

A registered Psychologist, Michelle holds a PhD in Organistional Psychology.

Kim Hazendonk, Associate Consulting Psychologist

Kim is a registered psychologist with more than 15 years experience in both organisational and clinical neuropsychology. Most recently she has been consulting to leading corporations and Government in talent identification and management using valid and reliable psychometric and behavioural assessment tools. Kim also works as an executive coach, with a talent for empowering individuals to recognize their natural strengths and realise their full potential. Kim has worked professionally in Canada and London, and with her medical background, has developed a personal interest in workplace wellness and positive psychology.

Our Clients 


Lixivium Consulting has provided consulting services to many of Australia’s largest companies and government organisations for the past 15 years. Boasting a wide client base throughout Australia, we have worked with a number of different organisations in a variety of industries.

Although many of our most loyal clients are in the Government and Health & Community sectors, we also work across sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, and Professional Services.